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If you don’t know the rules of roulette but want to learn, this video tutorial helps can help you.
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Roulette has become a top-rated game in casino platforms. According to players, roulette games are the most exciting ones and are easy to learn. They do not require serious learning. All a player needs is just to know certain gaming tips on how to place bets and some limitations in it.

How has the Growth of Technology influenced it?

Before the advent of technology, players could only enjoy Roulette at brick and mortar casino venues. Technology has however made gambling easy and available to everyone all over the world. Gamblers can now access online roulette games from the comfort of their homes.

There are huge benefits that come with playing roulette and other exciting ones at the casino. When you play roulette online, you have access to some great features such as progressive jackpots and welcome bonus package. You also have an excellent opportunity to win big when you bet with real money. Another interesting thing about casino gaming is the ability to play free online roulette right on your mobile device.

Before you start Gaming

First and foremost, players need to know that winning at roulette, just like other casinos gaming options is largely dependent on chance. There are numerous variations of online roulette games that you can opt for playing the ones which include European and American variations. Generally, each of the wheels is numbered from 1 to 36. The American version, however, has either 0 or 00 added to the number. To play roulette, you just need to choose a number or combinations of numbers and place your bet on the gaming table. The artificial dealer character spins the wheel and the ball twirl around. If the ball stops at a number you place, you win the bet.

If you are not sure about playing for real money, you can start your gaming with an online free roulette.

Basic Rules of Wheels

There are basically two major variations of wheels. There is the European wheel which features 37 number options; 0-36. The winning advantage of the casino at this wheel is 2.63%. The American wheel, on the other hand, features 38 numbers; 0-36 and an additional 00. The advantage of the casino at this variation increases to 5.26%.

As earlier mentioned, winning at online roulette is just a game of chance. All you have to do is place your bet and watch in hope to see if the ball stops at your number.